Poonga Book Club

In November 2017, Chenthil Nathan and I started the first Poonga book meet.

A couple of weeks earlier, over coffee at Amethyst, we were discussing books (like we always do) and we said let’s start a monthly book meet in Chennai.

We made a list on the back of a napkin:

  1. Open to all - no membership, no restrictions.
  2. Accessible - the meet must be held in an inclusive public place.
  3. All languages welcome.
  4. All “brows” welcome - no snootiness over highbrow works.
  5. Theme and not single book based.

We had started book meets earlier and failed. Partly due to our naïveté, partly due to life intervening.

It would be different this time we decided. We will pick a fixed day of month, time and place and just show up. If others joined us, great; if not, we would talk books anyway.

Once the basics became clear, we created the
@PoongaBook twitter account and asked friends to spread the word.

Over the last few years, we’ve met many new book lovers and connected effortlessly over books.

Nothing gives us more joy than seeing the spark that a book can create in a reader.

                   ~ Lavanya Gopinath| @justjots

Let’s keep the conversation going.

Join us.

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